Grading Records

Mint (m)
The record is absolutely new - there are no traces of use
to see nor hear. The label neither has slight errors as press
surface roughness nor are there small bubbles in the vinyl.

Near Mint (NM)
The record is completely undamaged there are
neither visible nor audible scratches. Very fine, superficial traces
of use (due to a long storage period)
are a given, but are virtually inaudible.

Very Good++ - Excellent (Ex)
The record is virtually still intact; there are no real
scratches. Even slight ticks occur only very rarely and sporadically.
It may have slight signs of wear and a slightly increased background
noise may be audible. There may also be slight press flaws, such as surface roughness or
bubbles in the vinyl.

Very Good + (vg+)
The record is playable but has slight noises.
Hair scratches are there, but barely audible.
The cover shows slight signs of wear.

Very Good (vg)
The record has been played repeatedly. Audible are
noises, such as light scratches or (by repeated playing)
background noise. The cover has signs of wear, small cracks,
or color spots.

Very Good - (vg-)
The record has been played often . Scratches and noise
are clearly audible. The cover is seriously damaged
or heavily polluted.

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